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Basic Documents


Members of ECMWF Pensioners' Association may login and use the links to the left to view the Accounts, Meeting Agendas, Meeting Minutes and Annual Reports. If login is not successful it is likely the password you have entered has expired. To obtain a new password please use the link below. (A new password will be sent to your email address as long as you have registered it with the Call Desk.)


Otherwise to register your email address and obtain a password, or to report access problems, please contact the Call Desk:        email:  Call Desk        Tel: +44 (0)118 9499303

AGM 2016

 The PA AGM 2016 will be held at ECMWF on Friday 18th November starting at 10am. The draft agenda can be seen using the links PA Events 2016 then Draft Agenda AGM. Click on the document to open it. Those attending should provide Danielle Barnett with the details requested in the registration form.


On the 8th December 2015 it was announced that Dr. Florence Rabier would become Director General of ECMWF, starting on the 1st January 2016.


17th July 2015

A new SSL root Certificate Authority was installed on the web site to replace an old one that is due to expire. This technical changes may result, when you login/logout, in warnings about the web site not being trusted. For more information please see here. To avoid warnings you can install the new root CA in your web browser (step one in the linked page).


Contacts with HMRC, importantly the change of support staff and Tax Office

  In 2013 there were changes to the Inland Revenue Office and staff supporting ECMWF Pensioners. For details see the link below Tax contacts ECMWF Pensioners 2013.pdf



AAPOCAD represents and defends the interests of former members of staff of the Co-ordinated Organisations and their dependants. The PA committee encourage existing pensioners who are not members of AAPOCAD to join by printing/completing the application form obtainable via the link below. Alternatively contact Francesco Daniso at ECMWF and ask him for an application form. The recent increase in AAPOCAD membership during 2013 can be seen via the link AAPOCAD in the left column.




Errors and omissions

  If you find anything on this web-site which you believe to be incorrect or requiring clarification please get in touch with me Graham Holt     +44 (0)118 9789817 to chat or leave a message. Alternatively text me +44 (0)7971 296758

  thanks and regards to all

               Graham Holt,  13 November 2016

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