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The links to the left of this page are available only to registered members of ECMWF Pensioners' Association. Enter the same username/password that gives you access to the recently changed www.ecmwf.int.

Otherwise to obtain a new password, to reset or to change your existing password call the Call Desk or use the link 


By using this link a new password will be sent to the email address you have registered with the Call Desk.

If you do not receive a new password, or if you need to register your email address or to report a problem,

please contact the Call Desk:                email:  Call Desk  calldesk@ecmwf.int          Tel: +44 (0)118 9499303

Note:  the recently released www.ecmwf.int is not fully functional and some pages to which you should have access are unavailable. Please report all issues to the Call Desk. I'm hoping that by increasing the number of problems reported the priority given to solving the problems we experience with www.ecmwf.int will be increased. The new website also provides a link to the old website which is being supported for a little longer than expected.

Spring 2014  AAPOCAD have just launched a new Website  www.aapocad.org

PA Committee 2013 - 2015

  The call for candidates for the PA Committee Elections took place early in 2013 - just 4 members offering themselves as candidates. This made an election unnecessary. Please use the link PA Events 2013 to see and read in detail about the events in 2013.


APPOCAD represents and defends the interests of former members of staff of the Co-ordinated Organisations and their dependants. The PA committee encourage existing pensioners who are not members of AAPOCAD to join by printing/completing the application form obtainable via the link below. Alternatively contact Francesco Daniso at ECMWF and ask him for an application form. The recent increase in AAPOCAD membership during 2013 can be seen via the link AAPOCAD.

Contacts with HMRC, importantly the change of support staff and Tax Office

  There have been changes to the Inland Revenue Office and staff supporting ECMWF Pensioners. For details see the link below Tax contacts ECMWF Pensioners 2013.pdf

Errors and omissions

  If you find anything on this web-site which you believe to be incorrect or requiring clarification please get in touch with me Graham Holt graham_holt@btopenworld.com     +44 (0)118 9789817 to chat or leave a message. Alternatively text me +44 (0)7971 296758

  thanks and regards to all

               Graham Holt,  8 May 2014

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